Friday, 9 April 2010

Zafra on the Camino

This has to be our smartest B&B en route for Compostela! The Zafra Parador sits in the castle of the Dukes of Feria, and is quite as grand as it sounds (though our room is in a modern annexe). Not that we have done anything to earn such luxury, as we resorted to the bus to get us here in Zafra, a day ahead of schedule. Neither of us was feeling much like walking today after spending most of yesterday in bed: Caroline is still pretty ropey.

But we enjoyed a quiet saunter round this pretty mini-Seville this morning. Many lovely squares, and richly decorated churches: we were lucky to get a private guided tour of the former Hospital de Santiago, now some sort of institution.

The huge landscapes we could see from the bus made me realise why walkers are urged to take plenty of water over the two days we have skipped. There are more such days ahead!

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Unknown said...

Yes and they don't blink at smelly pilgrims coming in off the camino to stay fro the night. Zafra actually has a really lovely albergue too now, but this parador is closer so we pulled in for the night and enjoyed a bath, cava and dinner under the stars