Thursday, 8 April 2010

Camino - a rest day

And just as well it is (a rest day)!  Caroline and I were feeling so well last night after our fith day of walking; but we have succumbed simultaneously and with identical symptoms either to sunstroke, or to some food/water which didna agree with us.  Sparing you the gory details, the bath room at Hotel Moya, Monesterio was in full-time use during the night. ("Still too much information," I'm told.)

This morning I have staggered to the town centre, on the shady side of the street, in the interests of imparting to you, dear blog readers, this essential piece of intelligence.

Yesterday was our longest walk so far: it was a game of two halves (a bit like Man. U. v. Bayern in the evening: oh dear!).  In the morning, we strolled along a delightful farm track, holm oaks thickly scattered in the surrounding pastures, and not a soul to be seen.  The peace was shattered when we came across a shiny new motorway service station, where we had lunch, in the company of those driving three large lorries marked "English National Ballet".  From then on, the path ran parallel to the road, rising remorselessly.  The fresh wind raised the dust, but kept us deceptively cool - I think that was what did it for us in the night.

Hope to return to the fray very shortly.  But disappointingly no computers we are likely to be able to use in Extremadura, where now we are, will let you upload photographs!  Or so the nice lady with perfect English has just informed me.  How dull! [Photograph added after reaching home.]

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