Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter angels

Today, we saw this lovely invitation to deviate a hundred yards from our Camino in order to help ourselves to water from a source used for the cattle.  Its installer is the third angel we have encountered: yesterday we were passing a very scruffy, shacky dwelling, surrounded by a high wire fence and much rubbish: we waved to the owner and his family, who were having a barbecue outside, and were invited to pause for beer, olives and a pork sandwich - just as we were feeling at our lowest in the afternoon heat.  Then, this morning, a kind Bavarian headmaster gave us a lift over the three kilometres from our rather overrated farmhouse hotel near Guillena to the point where we had left the path to get to it yesterday evening: a great relief not to have to retrace our steps along that main road!

Today´s walk to Castilblanco de los Arroyos was lovely, through orange groves and olive groves, with cows, horses, a variety of birdlife and even more splendid wildflowers than yesterday.  The only plague has been bikers, who don't realise how inaudible they are to walkers; but then it is a holiday weekend.

Caroline is already in bed and asleep, feeling pleasantly exhausted: it´s odd, not having had the opportunity to go to mass on Easter Day, but then we´ve been celebrating the resurrection brilliantly in the open air.

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