Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Wilsons 2

In the late '80s, we stayed a number of times at Brandsby Hall when visiting Edmund at Ampleforth: a friend had bought it from the Fairfax-Cholmeley family, owners since the 16th Century. It's a large, square, mid-18th Century house in dark stone sitting just up from the plain of York, with gardens to match the grandeur of the house.

I popped into Cheltenham's Gardens Gallery yesterday morning, where Robin Wilson (here photographed) and Rosie Fairfax-Cholmeley - daughter of the man who sold Brandsby to our friend - are at present exhibiting linocuts (mainly). It was good to see the Gallery with its doors fully folded back, resembling more the stage set that the building was originally.

Inside, I particularly liked Rosie's animals, but both artists nicely evoke a rather period sort of English spirit. Together with its display of their books and cards, the show looks great - one of the better ones I've visited in this gallery. (Their website is interesting too.)

Also looking was Sophia Wilson, Exhibitions & Education Manager at Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum - with time for visits, her base still being closed for work on the new extension: she reports they're proceeding well.

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