Monday, 30 July 2012

Sunday evening, Japanese style

Yuka and Haruka (both 15) are staying with us (as lodgers) for a couple of weeks from Tokyo. By request, Caroline took them to Tesco's today and they returned laden with the ingredients for a (Japanese) meal they had offered to cook for us. It involved bacon, shrimps, eggs and cabbage - a cross between a pancake and a Spanish omelette.

"I have hard everyday to be soon," wrote Haruka in a note to introduce herself - explaining why she was always late for school. Yuka wrote, "I like painting. So I wanna go where beautiful scenery to draw the picture." Glorious Gloucestershire would seem to have been a good choice for her.

And she should have plenty of photographic memories: when we compared camera cards, her storage capacity totalled 38GB, mine 8!

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