Sunday, 8 July 2012


The British Association for Performing Arts Medicine is a new one on me: the charity is promoting a series of four lectures this weekend and next as part of our music festival. And last night we were bidden to a celebration of their work at the nearby home of one of those most closely involved.

It was a joyous occasion. The words "Open mic" are too perfunctory to describe the informal concert that threaded itself through the evening - between eclectic conversation, a garden visit (in the rain) and most delicious Indian food - not to mention the wine that flowed. A particular delight was the involvement of so many of the young (playing Take 5 on sax., accompanying Flanders & Swann classics and singing - creditably - jazz standards, amongst all else). Then there were Vaughan Williams' Songs of Travel, Ivor Gurney, Gershwin, Schubert, Gilbert & Sullivan... A musical feast.

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