Thursday, 19 July 2012

Puy 3

"Puy ouverture" has just arrived in a format with which I'm happy. The first copy I received had some of its pages in the wrong order: Blurb have put this right now, I'm glad to say.

As I mention in my short introduction, suggestions of the Voie du Puy's historic provenance lie all around when you walk the route - the question being how best to convey them within a series of images. Neither "Puy people" nor "Puy paysage" manages to do this quite satisfactorily. "Puy ouverture", therefore, is a third attempt.

Ouverture literally means opening. While walking the Voie du Puy, I was attracted by many openings: gateways, doors, windows – scenes or objects within their own frame. This book's images I think encapsulate the differing worlds through which the Way passes.

The word ouverture also has a musical resonance: an operatic overture serves (just as hors d’oeuvres at the dinner table) to prefigure the main work. Finally there’s an ouverture de diaphragm, meaning the camera’s aperture.

Take your pick. As with the others, you can read the book online and make your own mind up, if sufficiently interested!

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