Friday, 27 July 2012

Pop-up restaurant, Calmsden

Through Agnes, we were asked to a fund-raising supper yesterday evening by the Gloucestershire Arbuthnotts (not to be confused with sundry Arbuthnotts we have come across elsewhere). Their house, The Tallet is a job to find, but once there you don't want to leave: a magical place on a warm Summer evening, especially when eating elegant and delicious food at a long table outside in the candlelit garden. (The table was covered in a beautifully-designed fabric designed by Vanessa Arbuthnott.)

The funds raised went to help four highly talented young people currently in residence at The Tallet's Owl Barn, "a creative space at the heart of a new dynamic artist community" (for once the advertising blurb seemed appropriate). The lucky artists are welcomed for up to six months without charge: this is on the understanding that they will share their skills part-time with those less fortunate, who are being cared for by neighbouring charitable projects: I met a number of those running the projects at the supper, including people from the Nelson and Barnwood Trusts.

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