Saturday, 30 June 2012

"Tactile Love Propaganda"

Artist Kate Lepper gave this title to her residency at Meantime, which Caroline and I visited this morning. The words of her beautifully assembled work are "There Is A Cure For Capitalism Inside Your Imagination That Wants To Get Out."

We were glad to have Kate to ourselves for some "capitalism" discussion up in the gallery - and glad also to meet Chie Konishi, who has written - perceptively - about Kate's project.

Meantime represents something very valuable for Cheltenham - including an escape from the link that binds art to money. (It's a nice irony that it butts up against that symbol of Cheltenham materialism, the Brewery complex, whose jobsworth minion prevented us parking our bikes on its precious private pavement!) The question is, how to get more people to engage with Meantime's challenges. Is there, I wonder, potential synergy between its commitment to art for the community and Transition Cheltenham's vision of a resilient town, with renewed heart and soul?

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