Saturday, 9 June 2012

Global Footsteps

I went to the plant sale at the FootSteps Cafe this morning. The cafe is part of the Rendezvous Society charity, which encourages inter-cultural understanding and sustainable living: it's flourished in Cheltenham for more than 25 years now. This wind and rain has wrought havoc with our roses, and the damp weather generally seems to have done for our beans, hardly any of which have come up. (Next year, I shall revert to planting them under glass, rather than direct into the open.) I half thought I might find some replacement bean plants, but came away only with a few items for Caroline's border - all healthy-looking specimens, unlike some of those to be found in commercial garden centres. The High Street gives the Cafe a good shop window, but in due course it will be moving back to its less well-positioned home in Portland Street. Meanwhile, the coffee is excellent; and good for Lorraine and other Transtion-ers for organising a successful plant sale!

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