Friday, 1 June 2012

RIP once more - for John Davidson OBE

Our good friend John Davidson died on Saturday last. His death, long-expected, was announced in today's papers. I must have a better photograph than this, but try as I might, I've been unable to find it: not for the first time I've missed my crashed Expression Media catalogue, with all its keywording.

This snap dates from May 2006, taken at Whittington Village Hall. It was typical of John to come and support Leo's Vietnam fundraising efforts: he did so much for so many good causes, not just Groundwork, which he helped set up, guiding it for more than a decade. Judith, and John's family, have had a harrowing time seeing his strength decline inexorably over the past many months, but what a blessing that he could remain living at his beloved home for most of that time! Typically, instead of flowers, we are bidden to support Interclimate Network, which the great man founded - a splendid way of doing him honour.

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