Friday, 15 June 2012


My ears pricked when I heard this word escape the lips of Adam Rutherford this afternoon: he uttered it in the course of a lecture defending the theory of evolution. It served as a timely reminder for me of my core belief: that God exists, and the more I heard about synthetic biology and energetic disequilibrium, the more sure I became of it.

Our lecturer, aptly-named for a talk on the origins of life, has little time for Craig Venter's Synthia. There was an embarrassing moment at the end, when Adam asked a member of the audience whether he was Craig Venter. "No," came the response. (Perhaps he was a clone.)

Oh, and my claim to fame is that I volunteered to sing (on one note) - becoming part of "the world's first human repressilator circuit." After which I paid a quick visit to Cheltenham's Food and Drink Festival: give me a chocolate heart instead of primeval soup any day.

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