Friday, 8 March 2013


Its been nearly five months since our book group convened last: then we met in Birmingham, for a look round buildings in the centre, amongst them the new library in course of construction. Today, it was Worcester's huge new library's turn for a visit: The Hive there only opened last Summer - it felt good and indeed (as it boasts) sustainable. We were impressed.

The exterior, which contrasts markedly with Birmingham, is finished in a dull bronze, reminding me of the Guggenheim in Bilbao - though I rather wonder whether it will last as well. Inside is full of of purpose, comfort and peace, and (besides its 800 study stations) quite a few books. Oh, and at least a couple of quite significant new art works: Robert Orchardson's aluminium mobile, "Kaleidoscope", which hangs in the foyer, making the best use of a light space and people's ability to see it from many angles; and Clare Woods' two-dimensional abstract "Rack Alley", dominating the atrium.

Earlier, our enjoyment of the Cathedral - rather a forbidding building from the outside, especially on a rainy day like today - was greatly enhanced by having Richard Lockett as our guide. His unobtrusive knowledgeability (and wry asides) made the nearly two hours we spent there fly past.

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