Wednesday, 13 March 2013


I photographed this lovely dip by the entrance to Macaroni Downs Farm today on our Wednesday walk, based on Eastleach. It was a beautiful day, the wind a little less cool even on the tops, with views as far as the clumps above Marlborough. But there was ice on our windscreen first thing, and ice too on the River Leach.

From the car park behind The Victoria, we walked South down the beautiful valley, keeping the river to our left until we crossed amongst the ducks at Coate Mill. Just before that, we had found ourselves on the wrong side of a fence. Attempting to cross it, the largest member of our party finished upside down, hanging by his trousers on the top wire: it was all three of us could do to detach him, and pull him to his feet - a nasty moment.

On a good day for plane spotters (Brize Norton is all too near), it was also - the second day in succession for me - one when I could stand and watch the less noisy, more graceful red kite: a thrilling sight.

Macaroni seems a rather appropriate place to illustrate what's going on at this moment: we are awaiting news of who has been elected Pope!

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