Sunday, 17 March 2013

Cheering up Leeds

Meeting Dee on the steps of Oxford Place Methodist Centre as I was leaving Leeds yesterday made me realise what a drab bunch we were in Christian Ecology Link. I had spent the day with 70 or so fellow members and friends - the occasion of our annual conference.


San said...

Love the clothing, so cheerful!

One of our older daughters is hoping to study at Sheffield, looks like there's plenty to see and do.


Martin Davis said...

One of my fellow parishioners has a daughter at the university, and tipped me off that it was well worth spending time there, exploring the City Centre. If you go, be sure to look at the Georgian part which is behind the Anglican Cathedral (mostly closed at present for repairs, sadly). The Catholic Cathedral is lovely in its own way.


San said...

Thanks for the tourist advice! I realised after commenting that you were at the conference i had wanted to attend but a previous commitment took priority.

I am sure there will be other gatherings going on throughout the year.