Thursday, 14 March 2013

Bishop Frank

Your Holiness,

Congratulations on your election as Pope, and I hope your new job won't turn out to be a poisoned chalice - either self-administered, or slipped to you by some corrupt member of your household (the fate which was surmised to have befallen your predecessor but two).

Although I am addressing this to "Your Holiness" - in traditional mode - I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't prefer a less lofty title, judging by the way you introduced yourself from the balcony last evening. "Brothers and sisters, good evening." What a delightful beginning!

Sam Jones had a long piece in last Saturday's Guardian about cardinals who made up the electoral college. "Then there are those who find fame for other reasons," he wrote. "Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the Jesuit intellectual and Archbishop of Buenos Aires who travels round town by bus and told his compatriots not to waste their money on plane tickets to Rome to see him become a cardinal, but to give it instead to the poor..." My heart leapt to read this: someone who walked the talk!

And then what a great name to choose! I photographed a "St Francis" stained glass window when visiting St Alphege's Church in Solihull last month: here is a detail. You can see the saint's stigmata - reminding us of the cross Christians have to bear - and the wolf (the Curia?) alongside the rabbit (us in our pews) and the robin (Reliant? - the new Popemobile?).

I groaned when the news came of Joseph Ratzinger's election: last night, though, I was fighting back tears of joy. You are an answer to many prayers!


San said...

Here's hoping he gets that reliant!!! Go Francis!


Just to let you know I found you via Pen Wilcock, she sent me a link fron your blog regarding Fr Tom Cullinan(?)

Martin Davis said...

Thanks San. Tom Cullinan is coming back to Cheltenham on Friday 10th May, to talk about "A Year of Food and of Faith" - I'll post about it on my blog very shortly. Martin

San said...

Wish i lived nearer that talk sounds really interesting. Have you ever done a podcast link on your blog? It would be a great way of sharing such wealth of info, but i don 't know if they are a tech nightmare!


Martin Davis said...

A podcast link? Well, that sounds a good idea; but I honestly wouldn't know how to start. I suppose I would need a mini digi recorder to start off with; but then how do you upload a sound file?