Tuesday, 12 August 2014

First fruits

Caroline thought the prospects of honey from her hive were remote for this year; but lo! Here are the laden combs, dripping off into a pot on the kitchen table.

Very sweet it tastes too. And all thanks to kind Mike, photographed with Caroline.

This morning, I paid a visit to a 96-year-old lady. "I gather there's delays at the Crematorium because of problems with the ovens," she told me. "Yes," I replied. "You'll have to hang on a bit till they're fixed." "Oh, I'm not thinking of going just yet," she said. I learnt that she had been captain of the Cheltenham Chess Club's second team, until the unsolicited attentions of one of the other members plagued her to such an extent that she resigned. With the Camera Club it seems she had better luck.

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