Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Nolton Haven

My cliff walk this morning began at Newgale, South of St David's. Having struggled in vain to find a way up from the South end of Newgale Sands (it's steep, the rocks are slippy and what looked like solid enough handholds had a disconcerting tendency to give way), I covered rather more ground than seemed likely just looking at the map. And it's very much up and down.

So, by the time I reached the Mariners Inn at Nolton Haven, I was ready for lunch. The trouble was that the others were further on, at the splendid Druidstone Hotel. But lo and behold, to my rescue came the Puffin Shuttle! Driving that bus must require more patience than on any schedule I can think of, so narrow and steep is its route.

After lunch I retraced my steps a short way in order - much to Caroline's embarrassment - to have a snoop round Bob Marshall Andrews' troglodyte ecohouse, "Malator". It's been there 14 years, nesting in the coastal hillside - no garden, but what a view!

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