Thursday, 13 September 2012

Gardens Gallery revisited

Millie Joines, Carole Bury and John Bromley's exhibition at the Montpellier Gardens Gallery is one of the brightest I've been to in a while. First impressions are important, and Millie has had the excellent idea of installing two of her pots outside, with plants in them - that's after all for what they're intended. There's more colour within, not only from the fresh flowers, but also from Carole's luminous landscapes. Some of John's plant prints look a little cold and Wintry by comparison, but they are beautifully presented. All three artists, seasoned exhibitors at this Gallery, were there yesterday when I dropped by.

And they passed on one bit of good news: Mini had reported one of the Gallery's A-boards as missing on Tuesday - they are rather expensive. It now turns out that someone had kindly posted it up a tree, from which John has now retrieved it.

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