Thursday, 23 August 2012

Leaders of Men

26-year-old Jonathan Kelham has been working at Meantime for a few weeks, and tonight he unveiled - under the above title - the most curious body of work I have yet seen there.

It seems to me a sort of artistic equivalent to Second Life. I listened in to a more or less unintelligible conversation Jonathan was having in the downstairs gallery, in which hangs just one work: it's a sideways map of England, it appears; but its significance entirely escapes me.

Upstairs, there are quite good (and recognisable) portrait sketches alongside pages of local newspaper advertisements: Jonathan inserts random small ads round the country. When I asked him whether he'd ever had a reply to one, he said "No". Very odd.

I returned home looking forward ever more eagerly to our departure for Italy in a week's time.

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