Tuesday, 21 August 2012

GOGG visit

Caroline and I drove across the Severn to Corse this evening. It's not far, but feels a different country. Gloucestershire Organic Gardeners were meeting (as they do occasionally in the Summer months) somewhere different to Whiteway - in this case to view the garden of a former farmhouse, by kind permission of its owner: born there, she is now over 80 and still looking after her extensive creation.

You can see how it's basically a reclaimed farmyard, with large pond and surrounded by black and white buildings. The many trees she planted are of course well established, and give some protection against the noise of traffic on what is nowadays quite a busy road. (Nevertheless, I am bound to say that I notice it less at home.)

As ever on GOGG outings, it was worth going if only for the cakes.

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