Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Out of sight, below what you see in this photograph is Wellinghill Farm, so one may perhaps assume this is Wellinghill itself, though my books of reference don't go so far as to confirm this. Anyway, we passed down this way into Charlton Kings today at the end of a walk which began at Whittington.

The temperature both yesterday and today has been a good deal higher than last week, so no wonderland effects, though vestiges of snow remain on the top. In the watery sunshine, we passed the entrance to the old stone mines just West of Whittington, amidst trees tangled jungle-wise with very old man's beard. Below Colgate Farm, they are building a large stone house in traditional Cotswold style overlooking the reservoir: the next thing we shall see, no doubt, is notice of a request for a footpath diversion. Or the owners may just do what neighbours nearby have done: put horses in the field for long enough to turn the entire footpath area into a sea of mud.

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