Monday, 6 February 2012

Severn walk

The temperature rose, snow falling at last on Saturday night - our first of the year. As usual, we "suffered" less than in the East of England, and indeed it was pretty much a non-event. Certainly, there was nothing like enough to put us off driving to meet friends for a walk along the river.

Passing Frampton, we parked at Fretherne, walking from there N-W towards Arlingham. Awre church tower stood up on the far side of the channel, breaking the flatness. It feels odd looking North to May Hill from here; but then we know this part of Gloucestershire hardly at all. The last time I came to Frampton was with a motley bunch of bikers, en route for Slimbridge to help launch the National Cycle Network.

Not many birds to see yesterday.

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