Friday, 20 January 2012

Ray Finch RIP

This Christmas, for the first time in very many years, there had been no card bearing Ray's graceful handwriting; and now I hear of his "peaceful" death, on Wednesday.

More than 30 years ago, he was awarded the MBE: nobody could have worn his honour more modestly. He was an inspiration to generations of potters, as well as being one of the easiest people to love and respect. We first met in 1974, when I went to live within Winchcombe Catholic parish, of which Ray and his wife Muriel were quiet stalwarts. Muriel involved me in the formation of the town's overseas development project, a charity we called Save a starving village trust - an informal "twinning" of Winchcombe with Kanjianal in Bangladesh. The bowl Ray gave us for our wedding present remains one of our most treasured possessions - now alas, a little chipped. What a privilege it was to have known Winchcombe's most distinguished craftsman - indeed resident!

I took this photograph on 18th March 1993, the day Jodami won the Cheltenham Gold Cup.


James H said...

I only met Ray a handful of times and each one of those meetings is very precious to me. Since the first day I saw one of his pots I was hooked! I have bought his pots direct from Ray at the pottery, from auctions, from antique shops, from friends, from anywhere really! I collect studio pots in general but it’s fair to say that Ray’s pots are a particular favourite.
I got hooked on studio pottery too late to meet some of the other greats from Ray's era. I am just so thankful that I did get to meet Ray. A quiet, thoughtful and modest man – yet a pottery legend for whom so many people shower praise and admiration. He will be missed but will never be forgotten.

James H said...
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James H said...

Sorry - I forgot my main reason for leaving a comment! Thank you for sharing this wonderful photo, its lovely to see.