Monday, 23 January 2012

Potato Festival

The first major social event in the gardening calendar locally is Dundry Nurseries' annual Potato Festival, held this last weekend. The mild weather added to the crowds, so it became quite a jostle in Chris Evans' big shed. People were there from far and wide, the word circulating ever more widely about the great service Dundry offers: leaving aside the heritage items, they had supplies of upwards of 120 varieties available - and will keep the stocks up till Easter, Chris assured us. A lady went round with a tray of buns for the many extra helpers who came in - some from GOGG: Mac, the 62-year-old parrot sat on her shoulder (he hates men).

Caroline had known Chris - and his work with young people - for many years: his pride and joy now is The Butterfly Garden, adjacent to Dundry - a project for people of all ages coping with disablement.

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