Monday, 30 January 2012

Dorchester Abbey

On Saturday, I photographed this detail from a late 13th/early 14th Century glass roundel in the Dorchester Abbey chancel's SE window - "reputedly the oldest stained glass in England, possibly inported from a church in France," according to Simon Jenkins. The two characters could almost have emerged from a 20th Century cartoon strip. The window sits beneath an elaborately carved sedilia, and opposite the magnificent Jesse window - greatly trickier to photograph. Discovering the Abbey's rich chancel was unexpected: the nave (and indeed the exterior) seemed unpromisingly austere, particularly given that preparations were in full swing for that evening's concert by Showaddywaddy. "Who are they?" I asked: well, according to the pre-publicity, "they have long been established as Europe's most successful ever exponents in the art of rock and roll. 23 Top 40 hit singles including 10 Top 5 hits (Under The Moon Of Love, When, I Wonder Why, 3 Steps To Heaven, Hey Rock and Roll.....), 15 massive selling albums - including 3 multi-platinum, over 50 Top of the Pops appearances..." and so it goes on - under my radar.

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