Friday, 12 August 2011

The Wiltshire Cotswolds

Out with a regular, but infrequent walking companion today, we set off from Kemble Station on a warm if overcast morning across the stubble to Oaksey. From there we veered West, aiming for lunch at The Potting Shed in Crudwell; but we went wrong somewhere along the way. So, trespassing, we brought ourselves up in front of this charming farmhouse, one of many substantial properties we saw with a distinctly Cotswold flavour albeit in Wiltshire. Its new owner, into horsiculture rather than farming, rightly chastised us.

Our food venue was excellent, this gastropub having gone through the usual gentrification process in recent years. (It's made a cheap lunch out now seem rather a distant prospect.)

Curiously, each of the churches we saw - Kemble, Oaksey and Crudwell - is dedicated to All Saints. In the latter we came across some interesting 15th Century glass depicting the sacraments and a rather startled-looking Risen Christ in pink, still wearing his crown of thorns.

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