Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sunday lunch

Yesterday, I ate fish and chips off a paper plate at Cheltenham Racecourse: today by contrast it was substantial nibbles (concluding with old fashioned ice cream cornets) in Northamptonshire. We wouldn't normally make such an effort to go so far for a party, but our host was an old friend of Caroline's, whom we hadn't seen for many moons. He had recently been summoned to Cheltenham Hospital from his home, and so realised the distance for us coming the other way wouldn't be impossible. Nor it was. And who knows if and when we might meet again?

As can be judged, it was a large party, with marquee as well as jazz band. And, as often happens when you travel out of your country, we bumped unexpectedly into various other good old friends. Going back we had the most lovely drive through the quiet country lanes of North Oxfordshire: you wouldn't have thought it was a bank holiday weekend.

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