Thursday, 25 August 2011


We've been by train to London today, with our grandsons. We managed to avoid the rain, and indeed it was warm and sunny for much of the time. So warm in fact that the boys' main memory may perhaps be of splashing about in the V & A pond after lunch in the adjacent café. More fun than most swimming pools.

On our return, the train glided (glid?) out of Paddington just as the sun was setting. Did Brunel design "God's Wonderful Railway" so as to afford an especially beautiful outlook at that hour? I doubt it, but all the way to Maidenhead the sky was a thrilling kaleidoscope of colour.


Snowbrush said...

Here in Oregon, USA, it rains for seven months each year. I watch a lot of BBC television, and from the number of scenes in which the pavement is wet, I take it that it must rain more there than here.

Martin Davis said...

London receives just below 650 millimetres (25.6 in) per annum, which is less than Rome, Sydney or New York City. Thursday started rather wet, but by the time we reached London the rain had stopped!

Snowbrush said...

25.6. I am astounded. I suppose that rain there falls much as rain in my part of the U.S. falls, as drizzle.