Monday, 14 February 2011

Pittville pranks

I paid a second visit to the open west 2011 this morning, at our university's doomed Pittville Campus. On the way in, I noticed a broken pillar. Upon enquiry inside, I was told that the emergency services had been called out and that on arrival they had duly taped off the area around it.

In fact it turned out to be one of the prize-winning entries in the exhibition! And yes, its title is Broken Pillar. The artist (from Korea), Shan Hur, spotted the cantilevered entrance to the gallery area, and exactly matched the profile of the existing rear pillars in making two totally unnecessary new ones. (The left one - out of my picture - is intact.)

Within the foyer of the building, he has another work, a fake cash machine built into the wall. Again, it has taken many of us in (the students couldn't believe their luck!). Both these enjoyably unexpected exhibits seem entirely at home in a contemporary show of this kind, but "art"?

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