Friday, 25 February 2011

Badminton anyone?

I'm in need of training for a projected cycle ride from home to Ampleforth, starting on Palm Sunday. So this morning a friendly pacemaker led me on a preparatory spin - 26 miles before lunch, a looped route with the Badminton estate at its extremity. (He lives near Tetbury.) The weather wasn't as Spring-like as yesterday's, but it kept dry, and I didn't miss my gloves. Coming back, the wind was behind us, which made a difference.

Probably it's only in South Gloucs. that one can pass the country homes of both a Duke and a Prince (Highgrove) within such a short distance of one another. There's a fine view of the side of the Duke's William Kent-designed mansion from the lane we took. But what's that mysterious-looking upside down top hat flying above the flagpole? I don't remember hearing any aircraft noise, and it doesn't look like a bird.

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