Saturday, 19 February 2011

Connect 4 + 2

Cheltenham Connect is a worthy local initiative for revitalising the community, as I've mentioned previously. One of its generous supporters is the proprietor of The Brown Jug, not quite our nearest pub: it's one I've not visited much. Since I last ventured downstairs there, the rather scruffy skittle alley has been turned into quite a sizeable lounge - big enough for about 70 of us to sit down for a quiz last evening, organised by Cheltenham Connect's Go Green group.

Faithful followers of my blog will realise that a pub quiz is not something that features much - and for Caroline it was a first. But we thought it was time to support at least one of Cheltenham Connect's initiatives, so we signed up, tagging onto a team consisting of four habitués - who thanked us at the end for venturing outside our comfort zone.

In fact, it was good fun: we didn't do too badly, laughing a lot, and learning quite a bit too. In view of some of the questions, it surprised me that the winning team (pictured, with their prizes) did not seem to contain any street-wise whiz kids.

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