Sunday, 28 September 2008

Lucy = Ash

My beautiful Goddaughter, Lucy was married yesterday to her friend of long standing, Ash Mayne. It was a joyful ceremony, conducted with great solemnity by the Tweedies' local Rector, Claire Lording, charismatic in the best sense. (Never has there been a more persuasive illustration of the argument in favour of women priests!)

All Lucy's Godparents were on parade, and delighted by how she and Ash had not only chosen a church wedding, but taken such care over the selection of music and poetry, and even the make-up of the service booklet. Their reward was the best community singing I've heard at a marriage for ages - and the best possible weather! Herefordshire was looking at its very best - and in particular the Tweedie garden, albeit Charles having had to sacrifice some of this season's best fishing days!

As always, a million pictures were taken, but somehow the day wasn't marred by the urgency to take advantage of photo opportunities - thanks to a smiling and dedicated lady behind the viewfinder. (The above is an effort of mine.)

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