Tuesday, 19 August 2008


This wide-angle photograph was taken looking South-Eastwards from our house yesterday evening. You can just see, on the extreme left, a branch or two of an old russet tree - always quite productive . Then comes a rather straggly Buddleia davidii: I didn't cut it back hard enough last year. To its right is our very vigorous rosemary bush, with a heavily-laden Victoria plum tree behind it - more about that anon. Behind that is one of our outbuildings, and the neighbours' coach house. You can see a line of climbing and rambling roses, Winter honeysuckle and Philadelphus: I planted these along our boundary when we arrived here in 1995. On the far right is the corner of the next door house.

Dominating the centre of the photograph is a Wellingtonia in next door's garden: home to much birdlife, but standing at quite a disconcerting angle I always think. And above it all, a marvellous double rainbow.

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