Monday, 28 October 2013

Hey ho, the wind and the rain

It was at its worst yesterday evening, as I went to church. Today's been mostly fine, though colder: the wind has changed direction.

A couple of weeks ago, our snow guard came adrift from its moorings: two lots of kind neighbours brought it to our attention. But it's high, high up, and not at a place to which anyone would want to run up a ladder.

Thinking laterally upon hearing the wild weather forecast yesterday, I removed a top floor bedroom window: leaning out I was able to lasso the fencing with a couple of ropes, tying them in to a pipe. If the final screw on the snow guard failed to hold, I calculated that it should at least be prevented from crashing onto the glass roof below, or banging against the first floor window.

This morning, following the tempest, apples have rained down, but at roof level things remain the same. Others have been less fortunate, we hear on this evening's News.

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