Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Local knowledge

On Sunday, we met up for a walk near King's Stanley. It's a steepish walk from there up the escarpment.

Here we got a bit lost, so were grateful for a helping hand from someone out with their terrier who lived locally. As it was, we didn't follow his advice, for fear of losing height and being late for lunch: instead we ploughed on up along a part of the Cotswold Way that we had never before walked: rather pretty, the path through Stanley Wood.

I included this photograph also because it illustrates the rather nifty trap door which you can lift to avoid having to lug your dog over a stile.

I returned home very red-faced, as I'd missed a message from Edmund, who might have brought the boys to meet up with us on the walk. As I said to him by way of apology, though it's no excuse: "It seems to sum up the difference between our generations. I can't get into the habit of switching on my telephone, and you can't get into the habit of not needing to!"

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