Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Dr. Philip Kingston RIP

I first met Philip in London, some 40 years ago, shortly after his marriage to my ebullient friend Rosalind Sutton. It was a shock at first that she had chosen as her husband one who rather obviously enjoyed a low profile; but getting to know Philip after the Kingstons had made their move to Gloucestershire, I found there was more and more about him to appreciate.

First and foremost, he was a family man, with plenty to be proud about in the way his two daughters have contributed. Professionally, he was held in high regard at Gloucester Hospital, where he was consultant haematologist, expert in treating Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. In the wider Gloucestershire community, he was valued for his work as an Advisor to the Summerfield Trust. On visits to The Croft, I was always amazed by his skill in the garden and DIY, and he was invariably good company around the dinner table - most recently in our house on 6th March, by when he knew he was living on borrowed time. And do Rosalind and Philip hold something of a record for visiting Landmark Trust properties? I wouldn't be surprised.

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