Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Anderton House

Last September, with our friends, the Russells we spent a happy weekend at one of the Landmark Trust’s more ancient properties, Stogursey Castle. Yesterday afternoon our destination was Goodleigh near Barnstaple, to join the Russells at another Landmark: the Trust’s most recently-built property.

Anderton House was the result of a commission by the eponymous Anderton family from an architect friend, Peter Aldington, some forty years ago. The house is one of few of that period to be given a 2* Listing, and you can see why as soon as you enter the front door. A simple barn-like structure has been finished in such a way as to creature a magical blend of inside and out, floor-length plate glass windows giving out to a terrace and lawn overlooking the most peaceful of valleys. Altogether, it’s a very superior bungalow, as I hope my night-time photograph shows.

The split-level living area has – at its centre – a six foot square office with built-in desk where I am typing this: it’s known as the doghouse. A brilliant solution to complaints by the wife that she never sees her husband!

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