Friday, 13 May 2011

A touch of Galician Spring

On the day of the Royal Wedding, our very own younger version of Pippa arrived to stay – from Spain. A graduate of Vigo University, Lorena is looking for an internship here, where she can put to good use her excellent English and her skills in advertising and public relations. Meanwhile, she is completing a year at the University of Gloucestershire, and lodging with us till the end of next month.
She’s already had a good go at me for not making more of my photographs. I’m about to put her at work finding us casas rurales to stay in, on our way back to the ferry after our fortnight with Thomas in Portugal.

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Martin Stephen Williams said...

Hello Martin. Your ancestor's diary sounds good glad you are publishing it. I haven't visited Vigo myself but I remember learning 'En Vigo no hay forasteros', que guapa. Regards