Thursday, 19 November 2009

"Stupid" again

This morning, I saw "The Age of Stupid" for the fourth time, in the course of showing it to St Gregory's Parish 55 Club.

It was particularly worthwhile, as most of the audience members (though staunchly Catholic) weren't "the converted" when it comes to climate change - nor were they active sceptics (at least judging from their response). As it was a mainly elderly assembly, I was expecting perhaps questions along the lines of Boyle Roche's "What has posterity ever done for us?" So, I had handy Pope Benedict's "The whole of creation... must not be bequeathed to future generations depleted of its resources."

In fact, I guess the majority of those present were people who perhaps don't give much thought to issues such as global warming, or associate it with something that might be of concern to Christians - unless (as some certainly had) they came across it via CAFOD or one of the missionary organizations.

After the film, there was I felt a stunned silence, and then came applause. The question is: how best to follow up a well-attended meeting like this? It was a pity none of the five parish clergy were able to be present for the film. And I can't see many of the audience rushing to book a coach ticket for London, to be present as part of The Wave on 5th December.

How did I manage to sit through "The Age of Stupid" a fourth time - and on seating that was well less than comfortable? Interestingly, my attention didn't flag: it is a really good film! I have found myself moved by different parts on each occasion.

(Thanks to Olivia for the photograph!)


Martin Davis said...

Olivia commented: "I think the film was an excellent wake-up call to everybody, as we all contribute to this age of stupidity. I was speechless from beginning to end, as for me it is beyond comprehension how people could so easily use and abuse our environment.

Very informative and interesting, that one has to stop for a little while and think how quickly we are destroying this beautiful place God has created for us.

The film was brilliantly produced; a "must see" film for everybody especially the young ones."

Stella said...

Interesting to read Olivia's reaction to the film.
This is always the problem, isn't it?
How to get past people's initial reluctance to venture into this very uncomfortable subject. Once the penny starts to drop then most right minded Christians (and others) realise that in the end the responsibility for the future of this wonderful world of ours rests squarely on us all as individuals.
Good luck with any follow up you manage to instigate. I will be interested to see what you are able to come up with.

Martin Davis said...

Feedback from my friend Roger, who was present:

"I was very impressed with the Age of Stupid. I found the information came at us thick and fast, perhaps a bit too much so at times, but it was right to be hard-hitting, and the total impact was very strong.

I took to heart the scene of the Cornish family sitting down at home and going through their family audit. Clearly that is a must for everyone. I know 10:10 have a very useful checklist, but part of the campaign should be - and maybe already is - to get commercial companies, the service industries etc, to make that job much easier, at least than it seems to me at present. I am pretty sure my gas bill, for instance, doesn't tell me how much our use of our gas boiler and cooker contributes to our family carbon emission.

I thought the Mont Blanc guide was terrific, esp. on the potato tonnage passing under Chamonix!"

Martin Davis said...

Stella, thanks. Did you see Paul Kingsnorth in yesterday's Guardian? Sobering: see