Sunday, 25 January 2009

Sunny lady

This afternoon, we visited Painswick's Rococo Garden. It is to be the venue for a blessing and reception following Leo and Mini's marriage, on a date that Mini's family (from Japan) can manage.

Here the happy couple are, standing where the blessing is to take place, in front of the Red House, a folly at the head of the garden with a tiny room behind its rather exotic facade. "What happens if it rains?" I ask. "I am sunny lady," my future-daughter-in-law replies with sang-froid.

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Mini said...

Thank you very much, Martin! I was so thrilled with your word "my future-daughter-in-law"!! I pinched my hand "Is it real? Am I getting married to Leo, honestly??".
I am sure I have got closer to becoming a part of your family today. Than you again for coming with us!