Friday, 3 January 2014

Strings attached!

Mini has given us yet another marvellous, hand-crafted New Year's card. "Beautiful sunshine and warm wind bring you Spring," it proclaims, in Japanese and English; and "generous mind brings you happiness." The man himself looks far from happy though! Why? Perhaps it's because strands of cotton are affixed to the his shoulders and taped to the back of the card. Is he a prisoner? A drone? A kite?

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mini said...

He is actually traditional Japanese kite!
This man's face is from Kabuki which is a traditional Japanese dance-drama.
They sometimes make up their faces strong in order to play a character in Kabuki such as a hero.

People used to fly the kite around some noble people's or general's houses in order to look down on them.

However I am not hoping to look down on anyone. I would like to be generous and happy and also be strong like the kite when he has strong (difficult) wind.
I always try to put my new year's resolution on my card!