Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A pig and a poke

Scrubditch Farm hosts a variety of activities, but we only saw this one Old Spot as we walked through this morning. Patrick attempted to draw its attention to the apples which lay behind, but to no avail.

The rain came down upon the four of us in earnest soon afterwards, so we were glad to find St Margaret's Church in Bagendon open - a dry haven for a while, and surprisingly warm. It turned out that a funeral was due to take place there this afternoon, and the parish was clearly determined it shouldn't lead on to others: the building was almost warm enough for a cremation.

The stained glass is varied: good fragments from the 15th Century; indifferent 19th Century Hardman, but excellent Christopher Whall from the early 20th.

There are many fine houses in and around the villages and hamlets in this part of the Cotswolds, it seems. And much horsiculture.

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