Wednesday, 3 July 2013


I joined the Wednesday walkers once more today, after something of a gap. We met in the hotel car park at Birdlip, and walked out of the village past the cricket pavillion. The initials on its weathervane no doubt belong to one of the Birdlip Partridge family: some of them built the bungalow at the bottom of our garden, and once members of the family made up an entire cricket Eleven (so I read somewhere). Another possibility of course is that they refer to the celebrated wally Alan Gordon Partridge...

The walk criss-crossed a number of roads, but gave us a nice variety of scenery - a view over the Severn Vale to the Malvern Hills; a path through the majestic beeches of Witcombe Wood, before the flat bit at the end near Blacklains Farm. All new to me, I rather think.

I was disappointed not to say any orchids, even though we were on limestone grassland for some of the time. And come to think of it, not a single animal either.

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