Sunday, 22 April 2012

Cherry read

An email from Mini today, enjoying Japan in the Springtime, with lots of photographs of blossom! So, to keep my end up I append this one of the tree in our own front garden.

With my assistant (our youngest grandchild), we finished the digging today. Team work involved my inserting the spade, and Laurie pulling it towards him, landing flat on his back every time. We discussed the difference between a square and a cube, and he informed me it was not horns on that slug, but eyes ("Silly Grandpa!").

Between the showers, I earthed up the early potatoes ("Annabelle"), and filled the empty chimney pot with some very smelly manure and one tentative dahlia. We have been lucky to avoid late frosts in recent years, but who knows, with the weather as it's been?

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