Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The view from our hill

The clouds over May Hill weren't quite so dramatic today as in this old photograph; but it was still a delight to walk alone on Leckhampton Hill (five minutes from home by car) in the cool of the evening, after quite an oppressively warm day in our back garden with three boistrous grandchildren around. There are still plenty of wild flowers, though no orchids, and the trees have all grown up somewhat since the last time I was up there, which shows how long ago that was. As well as May Hill and the Black Mountains beyond, there was a clear view to the North-West, as far as Clee Hill I reckon, some 50 miles.

On the fence along the sheer edge of Salterley Quarry someone has placed a sign saying "Grandma" in large letters. Was this where she jumped, or was it just where she wanted her ashes scattered?

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