Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Ash Wednesday

On Monday, I mentioned The Times were doing an article featuring the Davis family and its "ashcan". How appropriate that its publication should be today! (There is even a second photograph in the print version.)

It's been quite surprising how many people have telephoned and emailed: The Times is evidently still the paper for many - in spite of the impossibility of such an article appearing in The Times as it was when I was first introduced to it. Our headmaster promised a Mars Bar for any boy who managed to have a letter printed: one did, but the promise seemed by then to have been forgotten.

Meanwhile, at my former office, a petition is circulating to save the family dog...


Stella said...

Glad our family is not the only one with frequent eco-arguments. I get so steamed up about it all sometimes!

Martin Davis said...

Thanks for this and your other Comments, Stella. It's good to know that someone occasionally reads Freeranger!

I suppose some people would say I'm passionate about living as environmentally as possible, but others would point to all the ways I fail to do so! Accordingly, I try not to get steamed up.

Having said that, some of the Comment on the Times article is quite shocking, to my way of thinking. Martin

Stella said...

I'm a regular visitor to your blog and I'm sure that there are many others too.
It's of great interest to me covering so much that I am concerned with.
I like to comment on blogs so that those who take the trouble to write them know that they are not just talking to the ether, although I do sometimes hope that the blogwriters don't think - oh, it's that woman again!
I suppose the reason we all find it difficult to keep our cool about environmental matters is because of the urgency of it all. But as with everything else there are so many differing viewpoints.
I don't really live near enough to come to hear Tom Cullinan. I'm sure it will prove a very thought provoking and profound occasion.
A quick Google search led me to his contribution to the Livesimply Conference in 2007. Very interesting reading.
Martin, you keep posting and I'll keep reading.

Martin Davis said...

That's interesting Stella. I seem to get between 10 and 50 people a day, who look in. It's a funny business, not knowing your readership personally. I used to mention friends' names, but one or two (whom I HADN'T actually mentioned) said they thought this might be intrusive.

I'm not that bothered about involving myself in any controversy that arises from what I write, as you may gather: let others take the strain! But it's encouraging when people like you say they intend to keep reading!