Monday, 24 August 2009

Anyone for an iPilgrimage?

This is the time of year when planeloads of pilgrims jet off to Lourdes, Knock etc. for a few days' devotion: all entirely in accordance with tradition and admirably motivated, but a huge expenditure of carbon.

I would like to promote the concept of a virtual pilgrimage, which involved all would-be pilgrims staying at (or near) home for the period they would otherwise be travelling. After all, the idea of the fourteen Stations of the Cross - which you see in very many of our churches, certainly in Catholic ones - evolved as a substitute for those who could not make it personally to visit the Holy Land.

If you aren't familiar with the Stations of the Cross, those in my own church, St Gregory's, Cheltenham, can be "visited" here. The image above is the "First Station: Jesus is condemned to death."

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