Monday, 13 April 2009


Do you know about the Kenyan Stations of the Cross? They contain an additional 15th Station, Jesus rises from the dead. Simple, and expressive illustrations too! (Thank you, Barbara, for introducing me to them.)

We have been celebrating Easter at home this year, and in a quiet way. Agnes and Ida have been in Lisbon (with Thomas); Edmund and Claire at their home are seeing the boys through chicken pox, leaving Leo and Mini to spend yesterday with us here. We all went to St Gregory's for a joyful Easter morning mass. Arriving just before it began, the only room - as so often - was right at the front, which gave Mini a vivid experience of what went on: her first Christian Easter.

Fr. Bosco spoke about the descent into hell: this may sound unpromising, but wasn't at all in the context he set - his friend's daughter, locked in a depression which led to her suicide. Where we gather in His name, He is there in the midst of us - not needing to knock to seek admission.

At teatime it was warm enough to be in the garden under our magnolia tree, which looks particularly good this year (though difficult to photograph adequately).

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