Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Day of reflection

On Saturday week, I have persuaded Frank Regan to come up to Gloucestershire, to lead a Day of relection.

Frank was born and raised in the Bronx and was until three years ago a Catholic priest. He describes his principal concern as being to understand faith today in the junction where culture, politics and ecology meet. He spent 22 years as a chaplain with the Young Christian Workers in Peru and 10 years in London working in Justice and Peace ministry. Now semi-retired, he lives with his wife in Devon.

Frank presided over a Day of reflection I went to in May last, further South from here, at Woodchester: there he spoke with authority, but in a quiet way, eliciting responses from those of us who came. We didn't feel "talked at." Nor were we terrified into making commitments we couldn't manage. But we were cajoled into a new way of looking at our lives in relation to the bigger picture.

Frank has chosen quite an enigmatic title for this Day, but the substance becomes clearer from the titles he has given his two sessions. In the morning, Our planet in peril: our prophetic response. How do we cope with the bleak realities long-term here on earth? What might be a Christian's leadership role, given that most prefer to remain in denial?

After lunch, Frank will speak under the heading From prophets to mystics. It can all so easily become too much for us. We lose hope very quickly. Does mysticism hold something for Christians in this time of crisis?

As usual on these occasions, a number of people have said they are interested in attending, but haven't indicated definitely. So, dear blog reader, if you would like to come, do please contact me. If you click on the poster, you will see my contact details. (Bring food to share, and let me know if you need assistance getting to GL52 6NR.)

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